2017  Monitor Studio, Lisbon, PT

2017  Monitor, Rome, IT

2016   I lost my body but found my mind (Or, my only regret, is I did not fuck Che Guevara), Canal, London, UK

2014  Work Out, Hilary Crisp Gallery, London, UK

2012  The McGuffin Sculpture, Monitor, Rome, IT

2012  Rubble Office of Contemporary Portsmouth, ASPEX, Portsmouth, UK

2012  Rubble Office of Contemporary Rome, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, (MACRO) Rome, IT                  

2011  Rehearsal at the Astoria, The Contemporary, Austin, Texas, USA

2010  ZINGER presents, Amsterdam, NL

2009  Monitor, Rome, IT

2008  Jan Cunen Museum, Oss, NL

2008  Locust Projects, Miami, USA

2007  Monitor, Rome, IT

2007  Mark Moore, Los Angeles, USA

2006  Rokeby, London, UK

2006  ZINGER presents, Amsterdam, NL

2005  VTO, London, UK

2004  Jerwood Artists Platform, London, UK 


Group exhibitions


2016  Fuck Newton, Karst, Plymouth, UK, Curated by Jordan Baseman and Carl Slater

2015  Future Rhythms, SaLE Docks, Official Collateral Event for the 56th Venice Biennale, Curated by Mike Watson

2015  La Sottile Linea del Tempo, Foundation Museo Miniscalchi-Erizzo, Verona, IT Curated by Marinella Paderni

2015  Henk van Os komt Thuis. Een keuze uit de Collectie,  (A Choice from the Collection) Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, Netherlands

2014  What Marcel Duchamp taught me, The Fine Arts Society, London, UK. Curated by Kate Bryan

2014  IKEA, Museum of Human Achievement, Austin, Texas, USA

2013  Joan of art, MACRO & Nomas Foundation, Rome, IT, Curated by Mike Watson

2013  Domestic Animal Ghosts, Ines Barrenchea, Madrid, ES, Curated by Gean Moreno

2012  The Stones are My Ideas of Imagination, Museum of Marble, Carrara, IT, Curated by Mike Watson

2012  Our Mutual Friend, Film & Video Umbrella, London, UK

2012  The only rule is work, Galerie Walkens, Finsterwolde, NL

2012  Bouvard & Peuchet’s Compendious Quest for Beauty, DRAF, London, UK, Curated by Simone Menegoi & Chris Sharp

2012  The Response, Sunday Painter, London, UK

2012  Now I lay my hat down to eat, Kunstvereniging Diepenheim, NL, Curated by Theo Tegelaers

2012  This and That, Frost Museum, Miami, US

2011  British Art Now, Saatchi Gallery in Adelaide, Art Gallery of South Australia, AU

2011  Latitude Contemporary Art Festival, Southwold, UK, Curated by Ben Borthwick                 

2011  Con Amore – Djurhuus Collection, ARoS, Aarhus Kunstmuseum, DK

2011  I will talk with anyone who will talk with me, The City Gallery, Leicester, UK

2011  Proxy Or, Seventeen, London, UK

2010  Glow, Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, UK, Curated by Annie Fletcher and Diana Franssen         

2010  Counter Constructs, Auto Italia, London, UK, Curated by Julia Tcharfas and Tim Ivison

2010  Transients ’10, Fundament Foundation, Tilburg, NL

2010  Newspeak, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2010  Graham Hudson and Sarah Conway, Diet, Miami, US

2010  Languages and Experimentations, Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Trento/Roverto, IT, Curated by Giorgio Verzoj

2010  Graham Hudson and The Centre of Attention, MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

2009  At Your Service, The David Roberts Foundation, London, UK, Curated by Cylena Simonds

2009  Points and Lines, LentSpace, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York, US Curated by Adam Kleinman

2009  Notes on a Return, Laing Gallery, Newcastle, UK, Curated by Sophia Hao                 

2009  Space Revised #3, Halle fur Kunst, Leuneburg, DE, Curated by Eva Birkenstock and Hannes Loichinger     

2009  Ctrl Alt Shift, The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead/Newcastle, UK

2009  Strange days and Some Flowers, Storey Gallery, Lancaster, England, UK

2008  6 of 1: Performance and Sculpture, Camden Arts Centre, London, UK, Curated by Ben Roberts

2008  Eyesore, V1, Copenhagen, DK                                     

2008  Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Galerie Hans Meyer, Dusseldorf, DE

2008  All my favourite singers couldn’t sing, Workplace, Newcastle, UK                     

2008  Better is something you build, Kevin Kavanagh, Dublin, IE

2007  From a Distance, Wallspace, New York, US, Curated by Vincent Honoré

2007  We would like to thank the curators, Seventeen, London, UK, Curated by Vincent Honoré and Ben Borthwick

2006  Plazasuite, Laden fuer Nichts, Leipzig, DE

2005  Acid Rain, Glassbox, Paris, FR, Curated by Vincent Honoré

2005  Open Garden, Jonathan Viner, London, UK

2005  Brit Povera, Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna, AU 




2012  Museo d’Arte Contemporanea, (MACRO) Rome, IT

2011  Bivacco Urbano, Residency with Progetto Diogene, Turin, IT

2009  Kings Cross Central, London, UK, Curated by Ben Borthwick

2007  Raid Projects, Los Angeles, US

2006  Gasworks & Triangle, Artist Residency at Kuona Arts Trust, Nairobi, Kenya, KE

2006  The Henry Moore Foundation, Fellowship at Chelsea College of Art and Design, London, UK